Chromatographers Resolve!

Day in and day out, your specialized chromatography powers battle wicked particulates, beastly leaks, corrupt contaminants, vile sample loss, and malicious tailing peaks

Today, another villain has infiltrated the lab! The nefarious Ghost Peak is threatening the very limits of chromatography!

And it’s up to you to defeat it.
Good luck, Superhero. We believe in you.

Thank you for celebrating 40 years with us!

What’s your Lab Superpower?

Vanquish Chromatography Adversaries

Tap the cards into play and choose the superpower you want to use to fight Ghost Peak — chromatography’s most evil villain.

Choose the card you wish to use to battle Ghost Peak.

Excellent move, LC Prodigy!~

Ghost Peak was defeated by your LC virtuosity.~

Ghost Peak
card-back The Incredible Pipetter Captain Chromatography Accessory Ace Column Whisperer Solvent Slayer Super Sample Prepper Professor-G
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